New Gen 8 Firmware release:2.3.81


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Aug 6, 2010
Archos has released a new firmware release. V2.3.81) I am downloading it now.
I am especially interested in seeing if it resolved the boot loop issue.
The following are the listed changes and improvements. NOTE: This has an integrated FLASH install

* Flash: integrate flash plugin version (can be uninstalled)
* Subtitle wizard: allow to associate a subtitle to a video (launched by a long press on a video file in video browser)
* Audio player: solve some seldom force to close
* Audio: increase compatibility with android applications (e.g. games)
* Video: avoid crashes when playing truncated or broken MKV files
* Video: fix bulgarian subtitles detection
* Wi-Fi: fix unit rebooting in loop sometimes when waking up from suspend leaving Wi-Fi on in nomadic situations
* Battery estimation: report 100% at full charge (power led blinking) after removing the charger
* Battery estimation: provide more accurate battery charge information at boot for A70it hard drive model
* Media library: purge media library entries relative to the sdcard at sdcard removal
* Internationalization: include better Russian translations

I will provide added detail if I notice any other features.



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Aug 6, 2010
There is one addendum which was included Quoted below.
SNIP---->[h=2]Remarks about installation (firmware < 2.0.54)[/h]
After Installation, you'll be asked if you want it to automatically reset your configuration to optimize your device.
If you are updating from a firmware that is older than version 2.0.54, we highly recommend that you reset the device configuration after the new firmware is installed to optimize your device.

Important to know if you select "Reset Now" after installation:
  • This process will not erase your media contents (video, music, photo or files stored on your internal memory).
  • However, additional applications you may have downloaded and installed from AppsLib will be removed. You will just have to reinstall the applications (including password) and reconfigure the settings of your device.
  • If you have purchased applications, you will be asked to enter again the parameter of your account in order to be able to retrieve your applications from AppsLib (needs to do this via a WiFi connection.
<----End SNIP
I would interpret this as saying the changes are deeper in relation to apps than prior FW builds. This would likely include other Flash installs and potentially Android Market.