New Gen8 Firmware released for 28/43/70/101


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Aug 6, 2010
Archos has released a new firmware for Gen8 tablets. Direct link is below. This has a date of Oct 20,2011
The primary changes/fixes/improvements are:
  • Internationalization: add Korean translations support
  • Video: improve SMI subtitle support and provide better subtitle codepage/encoding detection
  • Applications: increase reactivity of applications constantly updating sound volume without any change in value (e.g. fruit ninja)
  • A101 accessory: add support for Archos 3G key
  • A101 accessory: add support for some USB Ethernet adapters (chipsets: RTL8150, ASIX AX88xxx, Davicom DM9601, SMSC LAN75xx, SMSC LAN95xx, NetChip 1080, MosChip MCS7830)
  • A70 hard drive based devices: fix unit loosing mass storage happening sometimes on recent models
  • Accelerometer: apply calibration right away without requiring a reboot to take effect
  • PTP: fix USB host camera support
I am installing now. Any issues or details I discover, I will post in this thread.
NOTE: While this is a 2.4.65 firmware number. It does NOT indicate an update past Froyo.
Installed OTA without issue.
I tried a USB Ethernet dongle. As expected it did not work due to not being one of the listed supported chipsets. I have not noticed any performance issue, but it did chew up a bit more real estate in my available memory.