New Onda V711 Taking a very long time to charge.


Sep 6, 2012
Hi guys,

I just recieved my Onda V711 in the mail yesterday and I used it for about 4 hours before it died out, but it has been charging for well over 13 hours now overnight and when i checked it today, it's only 47% ? This can't be normal can it? Is there anything i can do? I can't even use it while it's powered on and charging at the same time, because the battery drains instead of charging up. It's the USB AC wall charger that came with it. Other than that, I'm loving this thing :D

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks alot.
Ah, i figured out why it wasn't charging up right. There is nothing wrong with the way it charges. I had a very long extension cord plugged into a Power Strip with a bunch of other things plugged in, and i plugged the wall charger into the extension cord, so that i can use it while it charges. It just wouldn't charge up this way, and was VERY slow. Didn't think twice about the power strip or the length of cord affecting it.

Anyway, i just plugged the charger directly into the wall socket and the tablet is charging up normally now. This tablet is AWESOME. Takes about slightly over 3 hours to fully charge. It seems to charge up 25% every 45 minutes.