Nook Color Backlight....


Jan 24, 2011
Hi all, been looking at my NC & I've noticed, that down on the edge of the screen closest to the home "n" button, I can see a splash of light from under the edge. It is reminiscent of those old watches that had the light on one side.... Not that bright though. When at a black background screen I can see it, does anyone else have this? Is it something I should be concerned about?

I've only had my NC since Friday last week (28th) & can easily return it if need be.

Thanks in advance for your input. :)
Some light leakage is a common characteristic of all lcds and is nothing to worry about.
that's normal -an LCD screen typically has a layer of liquid crystals that is used to drive hte pictures you see on the screen and have leds around the perimeter to backlight the liquid crystals so they are brigther
Thank you all for the reassurances. I likely should have tried searching more than once with different terms before asking this. You all rock. :)

Sent from my v1.0.0 auto nootered nc running stock rom... For now.
Looks like it's a bit of pressure being applied to the LCD in that area. I noticed that my screen protector doesn't lye flat in the same spot. I think you will see the same light bleed if you press around on the edges of the screen.