Power Button Issues


Mar 19, 2011
Does anyone else get inconsistent behavior from their power button? When I press mine to turn the screen on, there is usually about 1 second delay, and then when the lock screen comes up a "Device Options" dialog also pops up with the usual power/reboot/etc options, like if you had held down the power button. When I want to turn the screen off, pushing it once usually does nothing...I have to push it a second time for the screen to actually go off. And then often times it will go off for a second then come back up.

I am running Vegan 5.1, but I got the same behavior when it was stock still. Do I have a defective power button, or is this just a typical issue with the power button?
i would say it is a somewhat typical issue. I have seen this behavior myself occasionally, and have gotten several posts and messages from others asking exactly the same thing. I would put it into the "quirk" category for the device.