Problem finding sd card apps in Android


Jan 4, 2011

I able to stored apps from PC in SD Card. In Andriod I already got file exploer easy istaller etc.

While I can see android reconigoe SD download but I can`t find the apps there to open up. It was download to some folder with many sub folders in web setting. I read online that download apps should go to root folder. Mine seem to download other sub folders I suspect. but not root folder. how I make sure download go to root folder, if this right way about it?

I put all my apps in a folder called 'system' in the root directory of the SD card. In that I have an 'apps' and 'games' folders to put the associated .apk's. Works great for me.
thanks for respond. I open up Andexplorer Root folder then system folder but dont know which.

no folders as games sub folder to look. it seem to be app subfolder? i looked in that one
have all .apks apps already pre installed with android, but nothing recongiazble from sd card. which one from system folder?
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want to added it may be that my android firmware is 2.1 sorry:) I thought it was 2.2 if that any affect on sd card.

on some reviews manually update from 2.1 to 2.2. I think I damamged my sd card. re formant appear not work, give no sign of doing that,maybe because i pull sd card usb out.

at the moment all I care about is know-how to basiclly about download apps from sd card into andriod .
out of intrest, is the `system` folder is THE only storage placed for sd card download files? what sub folder do i open those akp files up in AndExploxer I have ? assuming it only Apps why I dont see the akps file names by sd card?
bit frustanted not able to get grips with andriod basic! toddler son forever asking to play games on it.