Question about USB Stick support


Dec 15, 2010
In a week or two im gonna get my hands on one of the Flytouch II variations [wowpad] and im wondering can i conect my kingston 8gb usb stick to it [tablet has two USB ports]? Will it recognize it [or any other usb stick model] and does the tablet supports NTFS or only FAT32?

Also, what other devices can be plugged in and be recognized? Generic usb keyboard, card readers?

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Aug 6, 2010
First off, it will not support NTFS or ExFat. It will support FAT/FAT32.
Now the not so easy to answer. Some have OTG capability straight from the USB port on the tablet. Some require a Pigtail cable for OTG (usually comes with the tablet). And worse. Some did not include the Firmware for OTG functionality on some no-name flytouch tabs. Or OTG is only available if USB stick is inserted during boot.

So to answer your question. The best way to know is to try it. It will not blow up your flytouch. Also try both ports as they some units have only one port OTG ready.