ROM Availability


Aug 24, 2010
Does anyone know if there are ROMs/Themes available for rooted Kyros's or Android Tablets in general? I've been looking around in here but I can only find information on Rooting, it kinda stops there. Thanks
there are alot of roms for android tablets in general. for the kyros i dont think there is one though
So I imagine we're waiting for someone to port one or dev one, yes? That sucks. lol
Actually I found that CM6 or 7 has been ported over...its on here somewhere, but I'm still trying to get past that "Flash image not found" garbage. Got the tablet rooted, but the recent update from Coby has everything all F'd up.
Look at the sticky.. l_n is working on something ... As soon as he has it working good enough he will post it... Did you have CWM installed before the update?
I didn't update but installed the first zip rom l_n made.. Its based off the update and It messed with my setup.. But I was able to restore my first backup and it wiped out the update... You can try this if you have your first backup...