Samsung Galaxy Tab to be Revealed Early September, has Video Call Function


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Jul 9, 2010

Korean newspaper Joongangdaily has revealed new details for the upcoming Samsung "Galaxy Tab" tablet.

The tablet will be revealed at the IFA consumer electronics show in Germany, which takes place between September 3 to September 8, according to a high-ranking Samsung official.

The source also gave the following statement:
“We will showcase our latest Smart TV and interchangeable lens camera models at the show,” the source said. “We will also showcase our tablet PC for the first time officially.”
The device is being rumored to be a 7" Android tablet with video call functionality. The device was announced to launch in Q3 this year.

Features the tablet are rumored to pack include a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, 7" Super AMOLED touchscreen, internal storage up to 16GB, microSDHC expansion, two cameras, GPS, 3G, bluetooth, and standard phone functionality. (electronista)

Galaxy Tab prototype photo:

great info i think a lot of us are waiting for this tablet to come out because if its even close to the galaxy s line it will be the best tablet we have seen yet and probably for awhile
The specs look pretty nice. I'm curious what the top tablet is going to be once some of these big-name manufacturers start releasing some decent tablets. I'm excited to start seeing some tablets with decent screens (high res / capacitive) and fast processors with solid video chips (HD decoding, high res encoding).
Very Interested in this tablet, look to be the first real competitor for the Ipad...How you you guys think the pricing will be. Do you think Samsung will price it around the Ipad or maybe go Cheaper to pull more consumers in?
This tablet's hardware specs means that it is at least $400. I expect it to be around $600. Contract rebates are going to make the difference.
I wish they'd make the tablets without 3G built in or at least a version without 3G. Don't need always on connectivity everywhere. Wifi is enough. When they do produce them with 3G, they tie them to a specific cell company, which really reduces flexibility.

They definitely need the pricing to be below Apple. For really wide adoption, they need to be below $300. Look at the activity over the Augen tablet @ $150 that everyone says isn't that great.
I'd hope/suspect that they would have multiple models...They are basically making a GIANT phone with all of those features. I'd be more interested in a base model without 3g and phone features. soo hopefully no contactss.
Well the contacts sync function is useful, at least to me. It's not a bad idea to at least isolate the feature even without phone functionality.

Does someone know if phone functionality is built into the Hummingbird platform?

It houses a ARM11 platform, 7 inch screen and Android 2.1
Inside its suppose to have 800 MHz Telechips 8902 chip, 256MB ROM, 4GB Flash storage and the specs list also includes a mini USB and HDMI port. 1080p video support and a screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
but it have as off yet no name..