SD Card Slot - Device Eat my Memory Card


Aug 7, 2010
When attempting to place a SD Card into the Slot it disappeared. I was so careful to make sure the placement was correct but it went under the slot. I even pulled out a flashlight to make sure of the location. I shook the device and can heard it. So any way to remove it or did I just loose a $30.00 memory card?
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Aug 8, 2010
The device is easy to open and I do not see a warning that doing so voids any warranty but I suppose you are taking a bit of a risk if you do open it up.

There are four screws holding the back plate in place. One is visible when you remove the stylus. The other three are covered by plastic plugs in the other corners. These plugs pop out easily but are not symmetric so take care when you plug them back in. Remove the four screws and then pry the back plate off (fingernails, maybe a plastic picnic knife). Be careful as the speaker is attached to the back plate and has wires running to the circuit board attached to the front plate. You may be able to shake the memory card out without completely separating the two halves but watch for the wires anyway. There is a video

that shows the Gentouch taken apart after the screws have been removed and the seam split. Give it a look and then decide whether to dig in.
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Aug 4, 2010
This is the only drawback with this device. Not easy to pop-in the microSDHC. You got to take your time inserting it in. Knock-off versions from China some are slightly better.


Jul 29, 2010
Guitar picks work well for taking plastic devices apart. Work markup the device like a flat screw drive. I like to use two, I put one in first and use a second to move around the edges. Just don't slide them in to far or you'll break the plastic tabs.