Strange screen behavior


Nov 30, 2011
On my MID7012, this has happened about four or five times. I'll be using the tablet vertically and the screen will suddenly switch to landscape orientation, then the screen goes black as if it's shutting off, and a while horizontal line appears briefly just as it's shutting off. It will not come back on by itself, but if I push the power button, the screen comes back on. It seems like a hardware problem, but I'm not sure. Has anybody else experienced this? Also, I have the screen timeout set to 30 minutes, so it wouldn't have anything to do with that.
The horizontal line thing when you power off is a normal android window animation. You can disable this if you install a SpareParts.apk from an emulator image and choose Window Animations section.
As for the orientation thing, the sensor is kinda lousy and laying the tablet completely vertical on a table can cause the sensor to reorient.
Your tablet is fine.