The update and launchers


Nov 28, 2011
I thought it might be good to start a launcher specific conversation as many of us android fans hate the vtab ui. I've tried ICS, VTL,HCL, ADW ex and ?nemus? so far. ICS and VTL are the only ones that let me use a picture from the SD card for a wall paper which for some silly reason I decided was important to me. Sans wallpaper issue I really like the way ADW and HCL looked. VTL looked good and is pretty customisable but after the tablet was on for a while it reboot and just go to screen with the "V". I had to go into safe mode and delete it from the tablet in order to boot so I'm back to using ICS, it isn't as customisable but at least I have my wallpaper the way I want it and it beats the hell out of the stock UI.
I also suggest Zeam which is simple and straight forward with a nice multi app doc bar (similar to VTL).
I'm using launcher pro and other than smaller icons, everything is the same as before the upgrade.

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