[WARNING] Different Gentouch Versions Have Emerged. Affects Firmware.

New to the forum - sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place.

I ordered a Gentouch78 from 1SaleADay offered a couple of weeks ago and just got it in three days ago. It was listed as new on the sale site, but it's not according to the "refurbished by Seque" registration card in the box. I'm assuming from what I read above that it's the V1 since it has a black button and a 2.5mm jack, BUT it doesn't have the Google Market on it and it *does* have a calibration program on it. It's been acting kind of quirky (display shuts off after a minute or two even though it's set to turn off after 10 minutes), ePUB and .txt books show up as garbage in iReader, it won't play videos, etc.

1) do I just pack it up and send it back or is it worth messing with?
2) if I do keep it to mess around with I figure it would be best to root it BUT I'm confused as to what set of instructions to use
3) I'm not afraid to try to work on it if I have step-by-step instructions, but I'm not well-versed in the specifics. I did find one site that was like "Augen GenTouch rooting for Dummies", but the main instruction page shows up as no longer being available on line.

Any help would be appreciated.

Crap. Me too. Please let me know if you find any info or have any luck getting an app market working - I will return the favor. Thank you!
you should run away from this tablet as fast as you can, i got mine when they first came out and if it dont do what you want it to do right now as it is you will be unhappy. Augen has no intention of releasing code as per GPL.as for me with the pirate android update mine is fine, ya i'd like more but it ain't gonna happen
I'm a little happier today after finding out how to get the ereader to work (only reads .txt files right now), downloaded RotateD, and youtube. Browser's fine, too.

I'd REALLY like to know if it's worth installing the patch and if so, which one. I have downloaded two - one of which is version 3.

I'm really interested in seeing if any of it will help extend battery life, etc.
Just got off the phone with the guy who actually fixes these things when you send them in for repair. He is a wealth of information. Here's what i learned:

If you have a white power button, it has a G-sensor and a microphone.
Black power button - no g-sensor.
White button version = sturdier housing.
White button version = 3.5mm jack (we all knew that already).

They already have a firmware upgrade ready for all versions (he didnt outright say it, but i got the feeling there are more than 2). They haven't put it out because they haven't typed up the changelog. Seems they have been putting that off.

He took down my contact info and said he is going to try to send me the link to the new firmware. If i get it, i will let you all know how it turns out. He said they should be posting it to their site soon.

I had to call corporate like... 5 times in order to finally get them to transfer me over to this guy. I think i pissed the lady that answered the phone off enough to the point where she just didn't want to talk to me anymore. (plus, the tech said that she actually knows NOTHING about these units. Which is why other people that called in got jacked up info).

I hope this helps everyone. I'm not in the habit of registering on a bunch of various forums, so if any of you are on XDA or the wiki, you might want to spread the news.

By this device having a microphone, does it mean that apps like Skype will work on it or is that too much to hope for?