wifi signal strength


Apr 30, 2011
Anybody have problems with the wifi signal strength? When I go to the next room away from the router, the signal drops to one bar. My laptop and iPhone show full signal strength.
Is your tablet antenna covered?

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I don't think I'm covering it. Where is the antenna located? Maybe I'm holding it wrong...
The best solution is to stop looking at the bars! ;-)

Seriously, there is no standard relationship between signal strength and bars.
I'm presently in my back yard about 75' from my router and its working fine, the signal does disconnect if I go any further. I've found that there are big differences in wifi ranges with different makes and models. I'm currently using a Netgear e2000, my old wrt160n couldn't reach this far.

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mine is also kind of slow in some places only, in my house i have the normal att router and it works fine.