Need to know of Archos 101 capability's?


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Aug 5, 2010
IMO the A101 is the better chioice over the IPad... if you ahve a droid phone then you already know how it works... there are a few things that you can do with the archos that you can't with the droid.. but all in all VERY similar...

plus if you already have a google account and log on from your A101 you can just redownload the rellivant apps that you have already purchased under your current Google account...

currently in the new applib market(2.0) an app to install the google market, gmail... and other google apps to the a101... it's the way i did it...


add a bluetooth keyboard/mouse and this thing is a beast...

also you may wanna check to see if your college has a license for the black board app.. you can use it you'll just have to get them to enable it...

also if you're wanting to try one and and not hae a restocking fee.. sign up on kmart for the notification when they're back in stock... you'll have to hurry they sell out in an hr or but they have a 90 return policy even for online purchases...

Global Computers/Tiger direct/Circuit City ... all have a 30 return policy.... IF you can catch a A101 in stock...

check craigslist(got mine for $200).... you can allways just meet the person to check it out and see and if you do get it and don't like it, re-sell it.. you're sure to get what you paid for it again...
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Jan 3, 2011
I have been reading a lot of reviews on the Archos 101, Galaxy Tab and the Ipad.. Iam learning towards the Archos 101 atm because of the price but had a question about graphical display.. Most of the reviews I read stated that the display was not the greatest unless looking at it straight on.. I plan to use my tablet mostly for watching videos and gaming.. So how is the graphical display compared to the Galaxy Tab or Ipad?

Am I really going to notice a big difference in the display? Is it worth it to spend the extra money to get one of the other 2?
Feb 7, 2011
I have the archos 101 internet tablet, a few notes of things to keep as a reminder... this thing only has 256mb of ram. Other than that, it's a beauty.

Comic Reader Mobi reads cbr files no problem.
Aldiko eBook reader reads epub and pdf files.
It runs Android 2.2 so has flash lite.
8 gig internal with a micro-sd slot for up to 32gigs more memory.
The above is moot as it has a USB B port that attaches to an external HDD. Currently have a small seagate that I carry with me that gives me an additional 500gigs.
Battery life on this puppy isn't the greatest and having purchased USB to Charger the thing still dies within 5 hours (USB gives it a very small charge).
While bluetooth tethering to phone is nice, the point is moot if you have anything other than a Droid 1 as anything else, with root, sends out a infrastructure signal with the wireless tether program which any android device including the Archos 101 can connect to.
Mixxing Sipdroid, google voice, ikall, etc.. it's not a horrible VoIp phone either.
Of course Applibs is the default market, but there is a work around to getting the Google Market back on your Archos. Only issue, not every app conforms to the Archos screen size... a lot do, but not all.

I have not tried hooking up a bluetooth keyboard, or even tried wii remote, but I don't see anything from a technical point that would keep it from working.

My only two complaints are: The Ram (which can be fixxed with a little daring and soldering) and the battery life. Which, in the grand scheme of things... isn't really all that bad.
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Aug 6, 2010
I have the 101/16 and most of what Unreadhyperion says is accurate for me. I get closer to 8+ hours from mine and even longer if just listening to music. I have used a USB Keyboard and Mouse, BT Mouse and USB Keyboard BT Keyboard and USB Mouse. All three scenarios worked. I installed Market and find you are at the whims of Google for searching. Some days you find what you are looking, other days the same search finds nothing. This is not just true for Archos though.
I have used DivX, XVid and H.264, without issues/ I find the video out through HDMI as good as my DVD HDMI. I usually leave my screen dimmed 50% except when I watch vids. Then I crank up brightness to 100%. I have no complaints about any movie, Cartoon, anime I have watched. This is likely why I get longer Battery life. You do have to buy a Cinema Plugin if you want to watch MP2/VOB or Listen to some AC3 audio. That is my only complaint of my use since Dec.
I have used the USB out to connect my Camera, HD, Keyboard and tether to my phone BT using DUN.

For the price, if you can find them!! is the best deal for the money in my opinion.


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Aug 6, 2010
has arcos announced anything with honeycomb ?

Nothing beyond the rumor mill. Prior experience for me is that they are likely working on at least Gingerbread. I think the issue is, and is likely true for other first and second tier manufacturers is they either improve on the OS deck capability (Donut, EClair, Froyo) and fix the bugs/features for that or focus strictly on the new HW which is likely in design. As a comparison, Samsung has always been poor in FW updates to a phone model compared to Archos. Archos will either have to fork for old or divert resources for new.

I would prefer they do not do what they did with the A5 series. The A5 has a Froyo capable design, but have let it slowly wither in support. The 28/32/43/70/101 design is new enough, they might create a Gen 8.5. This would be basically the same unit with a 512M or even 1Gb RAM in place of the 256Mb RAM on existing models. Honeycomb can run on a single chip with 256Mb. But would be comparable to Windows 7 running on a low-end Atom with 1Gb of RAM. It can be done, but you would have limitations.

But that is just my thought.