Android Surpise Installation..


Jan 5, 2011
Got a white PDN today on the Kohl's sale

To my surprise it already has this version of Android running:

S20_09_30_B_PD_INX7E_ENG_6410POP (which is apparently PD's "Open Android" edition?) - no market app, no readers, not sure of my next step in adding more programs!

I went back to the store to try to exchange (so I'd at least start from a known state) but they were sold out - what next? Just install .apk's from the web?

Any advice most welcome!

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Sounds like you bought a return. Yes, just add apks that you want. Put the .apk on your sd card then use file explorer to navigate to the apk and tap it - it will install.
bjorke you can always install the GE firmware, and install the market. I got mine from Kohl's today, and quickly flashed it.. and I have the market 100% working.
Do they have a GE firmware update for the BPDN? I tried updating using pandigital's PC Updater Application, but it says there are no updates available. I have the same firmware version as bjorke with the same lack of apps with no market. Plus my computer can no longer detect the internal HDD in the PDN, so I am forced to use an SD card for everything. And I dont' know how to find which Android operating system I have. Ideas?