As if you care: Pandigital at Kohls for $150 Friday and Saturday


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Aug 6, 2010
No idea if anyone is interested, the PanDigital 7" Novel is on sale for $165 and a $15 rebate. It may or may not be on sale online. It is only available at this price during the early bird 7-1PM and late 3-11 on October 8 and 9, Friday and Saturday.

If so, happy shopping.
Black or white? It matters...
It's not so bad. You should consider making it front page material maybe :p
At that price, I may have to swing by and pick one up. How did you here about the sale (email, on tv, etc.) in case they give me any grief about the price? Thanks in advance.

Don't tell my colleagues over at, but I took my white PDN back to BedBath&Beyond after about 2 months.

My total cost was ~$120, and if you remind yourself that ygwypf, it's a decent device. In particular, I've continued to visit the PDN subforum at slatedroid because (1) the guys over there are a great community, and (2) there is a steady of flow of new ideas about how to mod/tweak/improve the PDN. If you want an inexpensive device to play and experiment with--to learn more about the Android SDK and Android Debug Bridge--it's forgiving and easy to use.

In my case however, I made the mistake of getting a Droid first. Having an Android device with a capacitive touch screen, that works flawlessly, made the PDN pale (badly) in comparison. It was a silly move to even think of the two devices at the same time, but comparisons were inevitable. Over time--low cost notwithstanding--it became obvious that I should take the PDN back, get ready to spend $400-$500, and wait for a 7" or 10" Android tablet that offers (1) a good touch experience, (2) enough CPU "oomph" to do basic things (e.g., video playback) well, (3) consistent performance (for me, WiFi was wonky, even over several software upgrades), and (4) all the niceties the newer tabs will have, like GPS, fully functional motion sensing, decent storage size, ability to handle Android 2.2 or 3.0, etc.

OK, more than 2 cents worth, but then "rants" is my middle name!

EDIT: gurgle, thanks for the price tip. I STRONGLY recommend taking your coupons, ads, etc. to BB&B and getting them to price match the Kohl's price. I don't shop much at BB&B, but I now understand that they have a fairly "no-questions-asked" return policy. Kohl's? so much.

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The return policy is going to be key for me since I use my iPhone slot and am nit use I will tolerate the resistive touch screen. I want to play with the tablet while waiting for a 10" capacitive tablet.
If you have an iPhone, here is my prediction of how you will feel about the PDN over the course of a month (please don't be insulted, it's the cartoon version):

Week 1: WHAT THE *&^%?!?!?!? This thing is a POS. It takes me 10 swipes to do anything! The calibration is way off. There are dead spots. I need to take this back.
Week 2: OK...I guess it's usable. *deep breath* Repeat to self: "It only cost $140...It only cost $140..." Must...wait...for...10"...tablet...
Week 3: Hey, this thing is not so bad. It actually works OK. You just have to calibrate your touches (more pressure than iPhone) and it works.
Week 4: Oh...gee... *sigh* This whole "calibrated touch" thing is getting a little old. My iPhone is SO MUCH easier to use. I wish it had a capacitive screen...

Of course, ymmv. :) But that's my experience in a nutshell. Other perspectives, stories?

See this link Kohl's: Today's Ad& and go to the last page, Bottom corner. It is the two day MegaSale Ad.

I am saving my pennies for an Archos 101. I just picked up a Rocktab X5A for a song (less than 1/2) from a friend who got tired of the lack of a GSensor. Does not bother me

My dream Tablet is not available yet. I will post my updated dream tablet soon.