Augen Customer Service


Aug 13, 2010
This is a transcript of a support chat through this morning. Yes, I know, I got a bit douchey around the 15 minute mark. I found out at the end of the message that the support provider was simulateously ignoring my messages and fielding a phone call - which he told me just before he disconnects. Does anyone know how to reach someone directly at Augen to complain about how poor their outsourced "service" is? I also have screenshots as documentation.

Augen Support Transcript.

You are now chatting with Christian (Live Support)

ME: Please see ticket 5326. I have been waiting for four days. AUGEN ELECTRONICS CORP - Kayako SupportSuite Help Desk Software
ME: I purchased a GenTouch last week, and can not enable WiFi...
ME: I can't see out to see the network. Every time I try to switch on WiFi, the device reboots.
ME: Christian, it looks like you have been connected for over two minutes now. I haven't seen any response from you. Are you online?
Christian: yes i'm here sir
Christian: one moment please
ME: It took 3 minutes and 25 seconds. I am disappointed in your service already.
ME: Six minutes now. That is considerably longer than a moment.
ME: Seriously, Christian? It's been nine minutes now. Please send me your supervisor's email address.
ME: sorry XXX i'm check the ticket now
ME: At 11 minutes and 20 seconds.
ME: As I said, please send me your supervisor's email address.
Christian: sorry sir we can't give the email address.
ME: Do you have anyone on staff who speaks English as a first language? Your skills are atrocious, and they inhibit communication.
ME: How can I have one of your managers get in touch with me?
Christian: what's your phone number sir?
Christian: ok. i'll have the supervisor contact you within the day.
ME: Fine. Please have him do so over email. I can be reached at [email protected] .
Christian: sorry for the inconvenience i just finished a phone support call.
Christian: Thank You, good bye
ME: You seriously spent the 19 minutes you were supposed to spend helping me online, on a call! Do you have any idea how unprofessional that is?
Sounds like overseas CS, they didn't solve your issue. What's the issue you had with your Gentouch?
you guys are lucky, I cant even access their customer support. -chat box doesnt show up

I was able to get the Live Chat session working a girl name Cindy appeared, but I was on this forum answering questions by the time I had noticed her she left the chat session.