TWRP v2.4.2.0 recovery for 7065


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Nov 8, 2011
I have got TWRP recovery working on 7065, this will be only from sdcard, one can flash to tablet but for r ight now I don't recommend it, I am not familiar with this recovery. So just using it from sdcard is best for me. I had to remove a binary (parted) to make room for this recovery as it is bigger than our default image. This binary is for partitioning sdcard, and not needed for general use of recovery. If for what ever reason you need the binary, once booted into recovery adb push the binary to /sbin then chmod it, then binary should work, it will be gone on reboot.

Note all recoveries for coby 7065 ie stock, cwm, twrp have a 4 minute time limit. Around 4 minutes, I get 3 minutes 48 seconds, but would depend on when timer is set. So don't waste a lot of time in recovery, at this time I am unable to disable this timer, I can't find it, Coby has a lot of hidden stuff in these tablets.

When the timer hits its end the recovery will reboot on it's own no matter what user is doing, so wasting time can cause problems even if you are installing a backup if the timer ends the tablet will reboot on it's own and you wont be able to boot as the install was incomplete you would then need to boot from sdcard and finish install, don't waste time from this recovery mode either same timer applies.

If you want to just learn about recoveries you can, it is best to go through all the options of any recovery, again you have a timer.

Anyway So far I like the recovery, to use recovery rename to uImage_recovery place on micro sdcard power off, hold volume up, press and hold power for 5 seconds release power keep holding volume til you see twrp recovery.


Credits Christian Troy For his recovery and source.
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Aug 18, 2012
This is a great recovery. very easy touch- no buttons. Afraid I cant use it on the 8065 (bad touch anyway).

So easy to try even for non rooted 7065 users.