Cockroach Squash Killer


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Jul 17, 2014
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Attention to everyone who likes smashing games and hates roaches! What else can be more disturbing than seeing disgusting cockroaches at your house! Your first reaction to that would probably be to turn into an insect smasher and use all your ninja skills, such as smashing or squishing to get rid of the roaches. As a roach killer, you may as well enjoy every squish when you crush something onto the cockroach. If you already missed that bug smash experience, then no need to invite roaches again to your house! Instead, go ahead and check this bug smasher app out!

Game play:

Your mission here is pretty clear: to kill cockroaches. Sounds really simple, but once you see those disgusting cockroaches on the screen, disgust may take over you and the amount of roaches may leave you shocked for a while

- Various difficulty levels are available
- Characters that should not be killed
- Additional tools to smash in bulk

Download right now and enjoy!!!