Firmware for white pd that fixes ....


Nov 25, 2010

I ran across a thread on this at slatedroid. I flashed it yesterday. Thus far the power coming on problem seems to be fixed. It comes with a Barnes and Noble interface similar to stock and a slideme app market.

It seems quite stable. It used no power overnight :)

Pandigital supposedly introed the reader as an android tablet at CES so this may be the software for it.

There are some folks working on modifications of it so there may be some other fixes coming along.

I used it for an hour or two last night and it seems stable and found no problems as yet. There are still some programs that won't work but all I had working on open platform seem to work thus far.

You can search for the file name and find the thread if you are technically inclined though they don't seem to want to answer questions of the less techy.

There is another file with an 05 instead of 03 but it would not go in for me.

This is how I got the file to work.

Remove internal card, put the zip file on your external (be sure there are no other firmware files on the root of the card) flash the unit. Power off, replace the internal card and flash again from the external. The second flash seems to set up something on the internal for the Barnes and noble stuff as bandn won't work without the second flash.