How did you arrive on the Huawei S7?


Dec 30, 2010
While some of you may have carefully thought out the decision I recieved mine as a xmas gift from my girlfriend... Completely surprized and unknowing of the existance of such a product i must say that it may very well be the best gift ive ever gotten... Even better than castle greyskull!!

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Jan 5, 2011
Well I actually went down to best buy after seeing the Cruz i believe for $199 on there and all kinds of ppl where all over those and ppl grabbing Ereaders (nook) , but unlike the flock I eyed the S7 and saw all the extra stuff it had over the cruz and ereaders.... and hell for an extra $100 it was a no brainer for me to not be like the flock. This device will do all i need it to do and will last me for a long time.

My next purchase down the road will most likely be an actual PC Tablet , I can just imagine the goodies coming out throughout the year and closer to next christmas. HO HO HO !


Jan 10, 2011
i looked around and was thinking about a galaxy tab, did a little research and ended up on this site looking thru all the tabs here and what they could do, and decided on the best bang for the buck which was the s7, got around 150 in gift cards from bb for xmas so it was a lock then.


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Sep 24, 2010
Started with the Cruz and hated it. Kept going through the stock until I found the S7.


Dec 7, 2010
I actually looked around. It started when I made the change on my cell phone from my WinMo Touch Pro 2 to Android and the Driod X in August. I remember telling someone when Android was coming out along with the original Droid that I am not sure if Android would make it, it was too new and Blackberry, Windows and Apple had a good idea of what they were doing. Man was I wrong!!!!! Anyway my wife had been wanting a Kindle and I told her that I would rather look around Christmas time what the iPads were going for (this was before I had my Android phone as well) because I would rather spend a little more to have it do more than just read books. I was so impressed by Android that I started looking for tablets and saw there were some promising developments. Samsung and Motorola were both going to have some nice tablets to use. Then the Galaxy Tab came out and the price was way more than what I wanted to pay, plus I just wanted Wifi only, I did not want another data plan, plus I can tether with my phone and my wife will be able to soon, once she upgrades from her blackberry to android.

For us (we both have one) it came down between the Archos 70 and 101 and the Huawei S7. We looked at the size and she really liked the 7 inch screen size because it would be easier to carry. Then it was up to me. The Archos 70 had 2.2 already and that was a major plus, but you had to tweak it to get the Android Market on it as well as the Google apps (We use gmail so this is huge) also I heard that the 2.2 upgrade did not go good for Archos and even with the update since they did not have the market built in they still could not get flash (even though they were working to fix it). Lastly they were never instock online and you had to order online so you could not see it before you buy it. The S7 had the two cameras, which will be nice once we can get the front one to work for video chats, GPS and a cell radio. It did not have 2.2, but there were and still are rumors that it is coming and I believe that we will see it somehow. The memory 8GB built in and 16GB SDcard make this thing powerful. The only downside was the app storage space, which now has been solved (my wife does not have a problem with this, I did). So needless to say that I did my homework on this.

However I have found that it does more and more than I expected. The sound out of the speakers is great. What I use this for:
Social Media Hub (Tweetdeck with Facebook and Twitter, which turns in to a newsreader as well)
News Feeds and Web Browsing
Gaming System
Portable DVD Player
Music Player
Back-up Speaker Phone with Nettalk

Not bad for less than $300! I would not trade my S7 right now for any deice that is out there or that is coming out. OK, if Xoom came out at $300 as well I would think about it, but I have heard $600 to $800 for that, I don't think it is that much better than the S7.


Dec 26, 2010
i looked around and was thinking about a galaxy tab, did a little research and ended up on this site looking thru all the tabs here and what they could do, and decided on the best bang for the buck which was the s7, got around 150 in gift cards from bb for xmas so it was a lock then.

My story is about the same as yours except I had no gift cards. I did ask for it for Christmas though, from my wife, and I got it! I really do love it and it makes a great turn by turn nav. using NDrive.


Jan 5, 2011
I was planning to buy a PalmPad. Wandered into Best Buy while wife was prowling the mall and saw the S7. Liked the 7" screen better than the iPad and much cheaper than the Galaxy - with no carrier contract. Didn't like the resistive screen, though, so put it down. I had some BB gift certificates to burn and after researching owner reviews, went back and bought one next day. No regrets, but still waiting for a 7" PalmPad...


Jan 8, 2011
I am a 20 year plus Unix dude, so android appealed, I got an HTC hero a few months back and found lots of cool things I could do with it, Wikipedia and google maps alone make it worthwhile.

I have also had a eee pc for a couple of years, so an Andy tab was clearly the next toy.

So then it was a case of finding the best bang for my gbp, the cheap stuff on ebay were ruled out on poor performance, galaxy ruled out on price.

After 2 weeks I am uncertain about the decision, huawei seem to offer zero support, where is the docking station froyo etc. Having said that I am having fun with the navigation features, I have tried out mapdroyd, osmand and mmtracker.

Pete, on the move...


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Dec 1, 2010
Looking for the ultimate time filler for when I travel I was searching for something with 3G connectivity for in the wilderness, wifi in the city and with big enough screen to comfortably read books and write fast memos and reminders. Performance/Price ratio was a major factor so after reading some reviews and watched some videos it was kind of obvious. As for the support I think it's reasonable for things we consider "normal" as web/forum support to be underdeveloped just consider the company's background... I will try to get some answers the official way and see what happens. That's my story hope it helps others ;)


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Dec 8, 2010
I was looking for an upgrade to my pdn. Did alot of research and this got me the most functionality while being the least expensive of what I was looking at- the dell streak, the galaxy, the ipad and the hs7. I just got a $50 refund so I'm liking it even more!!! ;)

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Nov 29, 2010
I've had many many devices and I think you develop a nose for a 'good 'un'.
I was browsing the web for the latest phones as I had just cracked the screen on my HD2 and had failed miserably to fix it. I was looking at a £150 repair bill so I was going to invest that as part of the price of a new device.
I saw the S7 and was very impressed with the specs. They seemed as high end as anything else and the resistive screen would mean no glass screen to break. I count the as a plus!
That was mid November and I immediately went to the local Bestbuy, flight tested it and bought it all within 10 mins. Yes, the assistant didn't know it had a SIM slot.
Now with generic ROM, apps installed to sdcard, 1gHz processor speed, n wifi, great phone quality etc, etc, there really is'nt anything more I could want.
One interesting aspect is that since owning the S7 I have been looking at reader only formats which offer usb hub facility. May be try one at some point.

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