NC would not turn


Jan 30, 2011
Hi guys,

I used it at noon yesterday and then when I went home in the evening, it would not turn back on. I tried pressing the power and N buttons separately and simultaneously and it still doesn't work. I charged the NC so battery power should not be an issue. Do you think my NC dies and needs replacement? I did root it with Autonooter 3.0 so do I need to do anything (if I can) before returning it for a new one?

If you ran it very low on battery so that it turned itself off it may take a long time (8 hrs on the included charger to be sure it is taking charge) to get enough of a charge to boot back up. You can try plugging it into your pc with the usb cable sometimes that jump starts the boot up. Also try a long press of the power button, like 20 seconds, then let go for three seconds then press the power button again for 20 seconds or until it boots.

Hopefully one of those gets you going again.
-Are you sure your battery is charged?
-Did you just recently root your Nook color?
-Did you leave you sd card with the autonooter image inserted in your Nook Color?
Hi all,

Thanks for the responses. I did not charge the battery to full so I am doing it now. I do have the SD card in but it has been reformatted so that shouldn't be a problem. Will report back after it is done charging.
Anima, you got me laughing for 5minutes! We get all these help cries please help, my nook is dead and all the mods run with the help they can give and the rest of us is watching and holding our fingers crossed and it is like one of those suspense movie! And we never get to see the end of it! You are right, we want to know how you fixed the problem, we have the right ...we were here feeling for you and your nook!

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Hi all,

I did what J515OP and Rico suggested me to do. I first charged the NC fully, and then pressed the power button for 20 seconds, released it for 3 seconds, and pressed it again for 20 seconds. Actually the second press was shorter as the NC powered on soon after. Hope this helps!

Thank you bbs, I feel much better now I know the end of the story know we were playing around a little bit but wellcome to the forum!

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