Flytouch review from a noob


Nov 18, 2010
alright, very excited- just receive my flytouch 2 (superpad)
i'm a noob in android and tablet, just discovered all this tablet from china less than 2 months ago and i was just so fascinated and excited about it.
since i need to buy my 2yrs old some kind of video player to watch during long trips and play with, i thought this will be the best of both world
and for- i love playing w/software (not a programmer) but more than willing to spend hours reading and learning and experimenting
now to my limited review (my son's currently playing angry birds)
feel - solid, good build, no scratch or misalignment
screen - not glass but good quality plastic. seems to handle all the finger/stylus swiping during angry birds
display - bright, good angle, clear
resistive touch - could be better, not possible w/finger - needs nail or stylus
g-sensor - very responsive with icons, have not verify with games yet
speakers - not loud, but audible at max volume (will hook up to my car aux when watching movie)
wifi - seems pretty good, even w/ my n wireless i still often get low reception so my place is not the best to test
battery - later....
hdmi - later....(is this mini hdmi to regular hdmi/)
2 USB ports - later (although from other website, it was mentioned that they were able to plug a mouse and keyboard w/no problem
video player - later
Certification: no pop out

camera - very dark, green pixelation all over (not sure if the camera is defective or i need to first install a tf card or software update to improve the quality - leaning on defective, but hopefully not)
mic - tried google voice and a screen shows up w/audio problem. tried record app and it won't start since i don't have a tf card installed, was hoping the volume meter gui would respond but no luck (hopefully it's not defective either)

1) tf card recommendation: is a normal kingston tf card will work fine or a more expensive/faster tf card will be better (does it matter/does a faster tf card exist?)
2) camera: what do u guys think - defective?
3) mic: same - defective?
4) Memory management: while playing angry birds, then youtube, then browser, then angry birds again, i notice that the game started to lag. is this just bad memory management problem, can u guys recommend a app that will handle the memory better or an app that will completely close all program/flush memory free
5) not sure how to test the gps (does come with gps antenna), it came with gps_test v2.2, but it only showed a bunch of writing and no gui that i can make sense of?
6) what type of usb do i need to connect it to pc
7) processor - is it 1Ghz or less / or is it less than 1G and able to max at 1G for certain app (compare to zt-180)

model #: deb
firmware v: 2.1 update1
kernel v: hzhao@emma #1
build #: deb-r2.1.1170

tablet, US power adaptor, gps antenna, earphone, stylus and free pouch bag

i know this is a very new tablet and i hope this gets the same support as ZT-180. i will be posting this same review to other website and hopefully it helps someone

alright - lets try to maximize this tablet's capability


Nov 3, 2010
Have you received your tablet with this build #: deb-r2.1.1170 or you have upgraded yourself from build #: deb-r2.1.1001 ?


Nov 18, 2010
update: hdmi - worked, but only when watching movie. also the pad's screen blank out (i guessed the chip can only handle to output either to pad's screen or hdmi) so unlike haipad 701. hopefully a software update will enable it to be like haipad 701 the mic worked after i connected a usb-sd card reader w/sd card - low quality mic the camera still dark and green artifacts are still a problem and does not recognize the usb-sdcard reader (still looking for an actual tf card), so tomorrow i will buy one and try it (still hoping it work better) charging - does not seem to charge when the unit is off but battery life is very acceptable (more than 4-hrs) of-coarse the unit still new


Nov 18, 2010
will try the gps tomorrow also will the google map work while driving - since google map needs internet to stream if not- what do you guys recommend


Nov 24, 2010
will try the gps tomorrow also will the google map work while driving - since google map needs internet to stream if not- what do you guys recommend

I've see CoPilot as a turn-by-turn for Android phones and tablets. It works offline and looks excellent. I've bought it even before my tablet comes, but I wanted to have it right off the start. Here's what the website says,
CoPilot Live on your Android-powered phone gives you voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation with detailed street maps of the U.S. and Canada stored on-board your phone-so you can navigate without a data connection. It's packed with advanced navigation features including 3D maps, Lane Assist arrows, millions of POIs, multi-stop trip planning and more.

It's very inexpensive as well. Only $4.99 for the US maps and $19.95 for all of N. America.




Dec 3, 2010
All - I recvd my wowpad Flytouch II yesterday and so far I am impressed with it. Here are the specifics:

Model - wowpad
Seller - Chrisma09 (ebay)
Build - deb-r2.1.1170

So far my exprience:
Touchscreen - 6.5/10
Look and feel - 8/10
Android Mkt - Works, downloaded and installed apps like Facebook, Angry Birds. Talking tom Cat did not work and actually hanged the Tablet.
Wifi - Works, connected to my Home WEP encrypted network
USB/SD - Reads USB upto 4 GB, reads Mini SD upto 8Gb (claims 32 GB - havent tried more than 8 so far)

All in all, so far I think I am getting my money's worth.

Now I have a question - how to connect it to other NTFS/FAT shared file systems within the Home network?


Dec 7, 2010
Chrisj_11 - any updates to the Flytouch2 now that you've had it for almost a month? I'm hopefully getting mine in a week or two.
Looking forward to getting CoPilot on there so I don't have to have a navi system to clutter the car.


Nov 18, 2010
update on fly2 experience
my wife and 2yrs old son still love it - angry bird and 3d bowling all day
touchscreen - still not happy with it, but got used to it using my fingernail (so's my son)
gps worked (need the antenna attached, maybe u don't need it where ur located) - copilot, just like my actual car gps
speaker - low volume (some games are louder (angry birds) than the other)
startup auditor/advance task killer pro - helps speed up, but i think i mess up the os, i keep getting "com working". this basically mess up my gmail/market (will try to do a soft reset (menu>application>)
battery - still around 2-3 hours of continuous playing
movie - i converted most to mp4 with low bitrate (so can't tell u how it is with 720p or higher
hdmi - worked, but i was expecting it to show whatever is on the screen. basically u click on the movie (from sd card) fly2 will automatically play it, then press the menu button, the screen will go blank and it will show it on the tv
other games - latest pacman - very slow. haven't tried other games that required the g-sensor- but other claims it was hit/miss


Oct 15, 2010
Add my 2 cents worth.
Got a WowPad clone on the used market around end Nov.
It was pretty good that a friend hijacked it a week later for her month long trip.
I then asked another friend who visited China (Guangzhou/Canton) to pick up 2 more units for me.
This time, I got the SuperPad (another clone).
The newer model had improved touchscreen - can swipe with fingerpads!

However, I am facing some intermittent power problems.
Twice, it appears to be dead but an overnight charging restored it.
Battery life appears erratic so far.
In fact , my friend told me he had to exchange 1 unit (of 2) the next day as it also failed to power on.
My SuperPad came with the registration code in a seals envelope taped to the leather keyboard case.

Couple of annoying things:
1. I hate the WowHome screen.
2. I can no longer find the battery usage screen. It only shows battery status! :(

build: deb-r2.1.1170
kernel: hzhao@emma#1
firmware: 2.1-update1


Oct 15, 2010
Forgot to add, my friend who bought 2 units for me, decided to keep one for himself before he handed over the remaining unit!
I guess he found it good!
Having 2 FT2 literally hijacked under my nose is surely a good endorsement!

I told him he has to get me another when he goes again in mid-Jan, this time to Shenzhen!


Dec 25, 2010
Thanks folks, I haven't ordered mine yet (I was still doing research for which one I should purchase) but this helps me out a lot. I was already leaning towards a Fly Touch 2 but was unsure if it would be worth the money. This dialogue has actually heped quite a bit. Thanks again.