B&N Free Friday Apps

5/24/13 Today’s app is Animal Park Tycoon.

This multi-layered game lets you build and run your own zoo, with the goal of attracting curious visitors from around the world. And nothing brings in a crowd like a real live unicorn on exhibit—something you can unlock with superb game play.
6/7/13 Today’s app is Wubbzy's Dinosaur Adventure.

In this interactive book, readers follow Wubbzy and friends as they travel to Dino Island—home to the giant Sillyasaurus. Best of all, the interactive activities—like sing-alongs and coloring—have been developed with an emphasis on learning, so your little ones will be refining critical skills as they enjoy the engaging gameplay.
6/14/13 Today’s app is Missile Defender.

In Missile Defender, your city is under attack, and you’ll need a coordinated plan to intercept the incoming missiles that rain down each night. During the day, you’ll fortify your defenses and prepare a strategy for launching your own missiles to destroy enemy warheads.
A couple of the B&N apps wouldn't install on my NC, including this one. I assumed it was because it's a NC and not one of the newer B&N tablets. They all worked on the Nook Tablet. If you're using them on your NC, it must be because mine's been modified. The message says:

Unable To Download

This item is not currently available for download to the
product you are using.
6/21/13 Today’s app is Animal Facts Trivia.

In today’s Free Fridays app you’ll be tested on a variety of animal trivia, and learn enough tidbits to be the de facto tour guide on your next trip to the local zoo.
6/28/13 Today’s app is Word Race.

The concept is quite simple—you’re at the helm of a ship that’s navigating treacherous waters, and the only way to get your vessel moving is by creating the longest possible word out of the letters scrambled before you. Your ship will be propelled forward with each new word, and the longer the word, the farther it will move you ahead of the other ships that stand in your way.
7/5/13 Today’s app is Townsmen 6.

In this fun and challenging world-building app, you are at the helm of a town during the French Revolution, and it’s your leadership that will inspire the people to march to Paris and depose the king! But no one ever said that nation building is easy. To keep your Townies happy, you’ll have to give them ample resources to build their community and thrive. Then you’ll need to earn their loyalty before you set off on your history-changing quest. Lastly, you’ll train your soldiers and arm them for battle so that the French aristocracy can be defeated. Who ever thought history could be so much fun?
7/12/13 Today’s app is Crazy Hamster.

Crazy Hamster—true to his name—is a wild-eyed rodent who sometimes thinks with his stomach instead of his brain. Winter is setting if fast, and our furry little hero forgot to store up for the fallow months ahead. Now he’s on a whirlwind quest to collect much-needed sustenance, but there are plenty of traps and roadblocks along the way. It’s your job to keep him safe, by building bridges, extinguishing fires, and using ladders to lead him safely to the edible goodies, and back home safe.
7/19/13 Today’s app is Elegant Flower Wallpaper.

This inventive wallpaper app displays an exotic flower that slowly blooms throughout the day. The artwork is fully-customizable, so you can choose the color of the flower, change the style of the vase, and even enable a camera-panning feature that brings the room to life. Creating your perfect NOOK wallpaper experience has never been easier.
7/26/13 Today’s app is Dabble - The Fast Thinking Word Game.

While there are lots of addictive games to keep word nerds busy, I have to say that Dabble is a fresh new take that I just can’t get enough of. The concept is simple—each game begins with 20 letters. Now you must turn those letters into 5 separate words—one with two letters, one with three, and so on. My brain went into overdrive as soon as I started playing Dabble—forcing me to call on my vocabulary knowledge and strategic thinking skills in equal measure.
8/2/13 Today’s app is Bear Dress Up

First, players choose one of nine teddy bears to customize as their own. I’m partial to the koala bear version myself—it brings back memories of a family trip to Australia where we saw real, live koalas! Now it’s time to make your bear your very own—picking from over 175 items like hats, wigs, jewelry and more—to accessorize your bear and make it your own. Then once your bear looks exactly how you want it to, it’s time to feed your new pal some favorite snacks like pizza & ice cream.

To add a final sweet touch, once your little one has designed their very own custom bear, they can tap the ‘snow’ button to shower their bear in a snowstorm of Gummy Bears. Yum!