B&N Free Friday Apps

11/15/13 Today's app is Math Bugaboo.

A fun and engaging educational app that introduces children to the wonders of math!

If your child isn’t so crazy about learning arithmetic, Math Bugaboo offers exciting games that teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with ease and simplicity. Just watch the bugs as they carry numbers across your NOOK screen, and pair up the right critters to get the correct answer to the equation – but be sure to watch out for some angry bees! Each level increases in difficulty, and covers math tables from numbers 1 through 12, so your child will learn math essentials in a comprehensive, enjoyable manner.
11/22/13 Today's app is Survival Run with Bear Grylls.

An action-packed game app where you race for your life against a ferocious grizzly bear!

There's danger around every corner and Bear Grylls (Man Vs. Wild) knows how to handle it - but do you? Run through different nature settings and collect coins and other prizes like Rocket Boots and Jetpacks to survive, and unlock nine different versions of Bear to fight against the relentless wilderness. Bear against bear - it's never been more fun!
11/29/13 Today's app selection is Yatzy.

You can forget about looking for tiny pencils and all those hard-to-find dice - because this version of Yatzy is on your NOOK! Score the highest amount of points by rolling the 5 dice to create different combinations, and try to get a true yatzy by rolling 5 of a kind! Play against your device, or play with friends. It's never been easier to enjoy this classic American game.
12/6/13 Today's app selection is Wubbzy's Fire Engine Adventure.

An educational game app that provides fun activities to kids while teaching them the importance of fire safety.

Wuzzleburg is in trouble when the local spaghetti and meatball factory has an accident and meatballs start raining down on the city - but Wubbzy comes to the rescue, helping out where he can while learning to leave the real emergencies to the firefighters. Count falling meatballs with Wubbzy, and he'll help your kids learn to read, do sing-alongs, color, and much more!
12/13/13 Today's app selection is Wordsplosion.

A fast-paced word game that tests your vocabulary and spelling skills.

Your goal is to guess the 5-letter word before the clock runs out, because if it does - BOOM! A Wordsplosion! And you better be careful because the next explosion you hear might be the last one. Succeed, however, and you'll earn free letters to help you out on trickier levels.
12/20/13 Today's app selection is Christmas Duck Shooter.

A Christmas-themed version of your favorite shooting game app.

You can alternate between Duck Shooter and Arcade Shooter while taking down ducks, flying Christmas presents, bonus crows, target snowmen, target Christmas trees and more, with your choice of three different weapons and themed scenery. Don’t forget to bring along your hound dog so he can flush out the ducks!
12/27/13 Today's app selection is Pudding Monsters HD.

A puzzle game app featuring some truly unique characters.

Can the Pudding Monsters stick together to form an ultimate mega monster to save their friends from the evil fridge owner? You can combine all the different powers of the Pudding Monsters, use cloning machines to increase the mega monster’s growth, and much more to create a monster capable of defeating even the most frozen-hearted enemy!
3/8/13 Today's app is OfficeSuite Professional 7
3/15/13 Today's app is Jellyflop!
3/22/13 Today's app is Fruit Ninja - Puss in Boots.
3/29/13 Today's app is Monkey Word School Adventure.
4/5/13 Today's app is Donuts: Dunk n’ Roll.
4/12/13 Today’s app is Hidden Object - Where Fairies Dwell.
4/19/13 Today’s app is Dora ABCs Vol 1: Letters and Letter Sounds.
4/26/13 Today’s app is Ocean Adventures! Fun educational games for kids in Preschool & Kindergarten: Grammar & Vocabulary.
5/3/13 Today’s app is Magician's Handbook: Cursed Valley.
5/10/13 Today’s app is Connect Me Puzzle.
5/17/13 Today’s app is Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond - Hidden Object Game.
5/24/13 Today’s app is Animal Park Tycoon.
5/31/13 Today’s app is Astraware Wordsearch Deluxe.
6/7/13 Today’s app is Wubbzy's Dinosaur Adventure.
6/7/13 Today’s app is Wubbzy's Dinosaur Adventure.
6/14/13 Today’s app is Missile Defender.
6/21/13 Today’s app is Animal Facts Trivia.
6/28/13 Today’s app is Word Race.
7/5/13 Today’s app is Townsmen 6.
7/12/13 Today’s app is Crazy Hamster.
7/19/13 Today’s app is Elegant Flower Wallpaper.
7/26/13 Today’s app is Dabble - The Fast Thinking Word Game.
8/2/13 Today’s app is Bear Dress Up.
8/9/13 Today’s app is Savannah Adventures! Fun Math educational games for kids: Numbers, Counting & Addition.
8/16/13 Today’s app is PBA Bowling 2.
8/23/13 Today’s app is StudyDroid: Flashcards.
8/30/13 Today’s app is Hidden Object – Kingdom of Dreams.
9/06/13 Today’s app is Puffin Web Browser.
9/13/13 Today’s app is English - Spanish Full Text Translator.
9/20/13 Today’s app is PrintHand Mobile Print Premium.
9/27/13 Today’s app is Sunny Hillride.
10/4/13 Today’s app is All the Apples Are All Gone - Book A.
10/11/13 Today’s app is Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill.
10/18/13 Today’s app is Buddha Finger.
10/25/13 Today’s app is Doctor & Dentist Vampires - Virtual Kids Dental & Med School.
11/1/13 Today's app is Plight of the Zombie.
11/8/13 Today's app is Quell.
11/15/13 Today's app is Math Bugaboo.
11/22/13 Today's app is Survival Run with Bear Grylls.
11/29/13 Today's app selection is Yatzy.
12/6/13 Today's app selection is Wubbzy's Fire Engine Adventure.
12/13/13 Today's app selection is Wordsplosion.
12/20/13 Today's app selection is Christmas Duck Shooter.
12/27/13 Today's app selection is Pudding Monsters HD.
1/3/14 Today's app is The Bad Girl’s Journal.

This fun, cute journal app is inspired by Cameron Tuttle’s bestselling Bad Girl’s Guides. You can organize your entries by topic, log in your mood for the day, switch journal themes, insert and share photos, and more! And since we know journals can be very private affairs, there’s the option to hide posts or “burn” particularly incendiary entries – just press a button and watch your entry go up in flames!
1/10/14 Today’s app is Jewel Explosion 2.

Can you match 3 jewels in a row? Jewel Explosion 2 is unique in that it’s a turn-based game, not time-restricted, so you can hone your matching skills for longer while playing against other jewel collectors! The goal of the game is to complete all levels and get the highest score out of all players.
1/17/14 Today’s app is Fairy Math.

A fun, engaging education app that’ll get kids excited about learning arithmetic!

Recommended for kids ages 0-4, Fairy Math takes you into a vivid fantasy land where beautiful fairies and other magical creatures help you earn jewels for your crown to become king or queen of your domain – but you’ll have to complete equations to obtain the jewels! Learn to identify numbers, count objects, addition and subtraction, and more to achieve the bejeweled crown of your dreams.
1/24/14 Today’s app is 8 Queens 3D.

A unique spin on the centuries-old game of chess.

This 3D game app asks players to place 8 queen pieces on a chess board measuring 8×8 squares. Queens are powerful pieces in traditional chess, but in this version there’s a catch: in order to win, players must place queens so that they do not share the same row, column, OR diagonal. There are twelve different solutions, so take the challenge and train your brain with this classic strategy game.
1/31/14 Today’s app is Grow.

A fast-paced adventure game with a fishy twist.

As a minnow, you need lots of food and exercise to grow into a big healthy fish. So eat as much as you can in order to advance to the next level. You can choose between a fish bowl, an aquarium, the ocean and more in which to grow, just watch out for aquatic enemies who would like to eat you for lunch!
2/7/14 Today’s app is Wizardous: An Apprentice’s Betrayal.

A fantasy adventure app,

A once-powerful wizard is forsaken by his most trusted apprentice and must navigate the dangers of his own castle in order to protect a sacred magical relic, the Eternal Fire. But the wizard’s old age and burgeoning memory loss cause him to forget the location of the booby traps and obstacles strewn throughout the castle. Can you help him diffuse the traps and reach the relic before his rogue apprentice steals it away?
2/14/14 Today’s app is ASTRAWARE SOLITAIRE.

A classic game app that features 12 of your favorite single-player card games.

Play Spider Solitaire, Freecell, Golf, and many more solitaire-style games in this all-inclusive app, and personalize your game with decorative wallpapers and cardbacks — now including special Valentine’s Day graphics! With an Easy, Medium or Hard option within each game, you decide the kind of challenge you want each day.