B&N Free Friday Apps

8/9/13 Today’s app is Savannah Adventures! Fun Math educational games for kids: Numbers, Counting & Addition.

Each challenge teaches a new skill and features a different Savannah animal, but my kids were immediately drawn to the ostrich level, where they had to load and unload the giant flightless birds into a truck until it had exactly 20 ostriches. They’ve always been charmed by the antics of the comical ostrich at our local zoo, so this game was the perfect way to build their addition and subtraction skills while having a great time.
8/16/13 Today’s app is PBA Bowling 2.

The 3D action of this impeccably-designed game is so realistic, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a genuine PBA tournament. You can even test your skills against current PBA greats like Walter Ray Williams Jr., and track your scores against the live worldwide leader board. And with the chance to design your own bowling ball, you can create a custom-made weapon that will bring you unprecedented glory on the lanes.
8/23/13 Today’s app is StudyDroid: Flashcards.

Whatever you’re studying for, this helpful app lets you create your own flashcards with text and images, and store them right on your NOOK, and even share them with friends. Plus, you can download already-existing flashcards from sites like studydroid.com and quizlet.com in a wide range of subjects.
8/30/13 Today’s app is Hidden Object – Kingdom of Dreams.

Your job is to find carefully-hidden objects among beautiful, detailed images, with three different ways to play: find the object as a picture, a word or a silhouette. With 23 levels and three modes of difficulty, Hidden Object – Kingdom of Dreams will keep fans on the hunt for hours!
9/06/13 Today’s app is Puffin Web Browser.

Surf the web on your NOOK like never before! Today’s Free Fridays app selection is the paid version which includes Adobe Flash support. This app renders full versions of websites on your tablet quickly and efficiently with cloud computing technology. Start browsing now!
9/13/13 Today’s app is English - Spanish Full Text Translator.

Normally priced at $59.95!

This unique language app offers NOOK device users an efficient and simple Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish translation experience: translate blocks of text without an Internet connection, use TTS (Text-to-Speech) voice synthesis to pronounce any text and its subsequent translation, and change the direction of the translation with just one button.
9/20/13 Today’s app is PrintHand Mobile Print Premium.

Do you ever wish you could print documents, emails and other files on the go, without logging onto a computer? Now you can, with PrintHand Mobile Print Premium! Print PDFs, Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, Facebook albums, Dropbox files, web pages and more directly from your NOOK device. All you need is a WiFi or Bluetooth connection to the nearest available printer, detected automatically with a Printer Setup Wizard. This speedy and efficient printing app is normally $9.95, so don’t miss your chance to pick it up FREE today!

Please note that this app is only available for NOOK HD and HD+.
Although PrintHand Mobile Print Premium is only available for the NOOK HD and HD+, I was still able to "Buy" it. I've been very happy with both my Nooks and, if anything happens to them, I'd be tempted to replace it with one of the newer ones at the new low prices. If that happens, I'll have the app for free. If not, it didn't cost me anything.:cool:
9/27/13 Today’s app is Sunny Hillride.

The perfect adventure game for your young explorers. Sunny Hillride is a land full of interesting sights and sounds – complete with deserts, meadows and snow-capped mountains – and your task is to race through it to your destination : a beautiful vacation resort. Make sure that you and your family arrive in one piece – and that your trusty RV doesn’t run out of gas!

Please note that this app is only available for NOOK HD, HD+ and Tablet.
10/4/13 Today’s app is All the Apples Are All Gone - Book A.

A top-rated education app for young learners that’s part of the Kids Dinosaur Reading Series.

The first book in the series, All the Apples Are All Gone follows a young dino on the hunt for some delicious fruit, accompanied by beautiful animation and a Read To Me or I Can Read interactive option. Teaching kids morals, coexistence and other important life qualities, All the Apples Are All Gone includes Discussion Topics to bring up at the end of the story, as well as a Read Assist feature for those tricky words and phrases.
10/11/13 Today’s app is Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill.

A thrilling hidden object game centered around a high-profile murder case.

Can detectives Turino and Lamonte gather enough evidence to catch the evil Engagement Killer, a brutal murderer of young newlyweds, before he chooses his next betrothed victim? Find hidden objects that provide clues to the serial killer’s whereabouts, but beware of false leads and dead ends! With six chapters of game play and 44 locations to search through, you’ll get to play super sleuth for days on end.
10/18/13 Today’s app is Buddha Finger.

An exciting action game app that will bring out the warrior in you!

In a fun twist on the kung-fu gaming genre, Buddha Finger transforms you into a young martial arts fan who meets a sensei of the highest order - one who teaches you the art of fighting so that you can save your Interpol agent brother from a shadowy crime underworld.

Roundhouse kick your way through 61 levels of Pick up n’ Play gameplay with an engaging storyline and awesome visual effects – plus leaderboards to show off your kung-fu skills to other martial arts hopefuls.
10/25/13 Today’s app is Doctor & Dentist Vampires - Virtual Kids Dental & Med School.

A role-playing game with a spooky twist!

Assume the role of doctor or dentist and try and take care of your patients - even though many are from the land of the undead. Treat werewolves, vampires, and other monsters for cavities and other ailments - just try not to get bit! This game app also features a fun photo gallery at the end as well as a sticker lab.
11/1/13 Today's app is Plight of the Zombie.

A unique zombie game app that celebrates, rather than condemns, the undead!

It's not easy being a zombie - reviled by humanity and ALWAYS hungry, you are forced to dine upon the brains and hearts of former friends. So instead, in Plight of the Zombie, you get to play puzzles that'll train your brain (not eat it!), dress up your zombie friends in some grisly garb from the accessories store, and even start up a campaign to end zombie hunger.

After all, everyone's gotta eat, even if their heart doesn't beat!
11/8/13 Today's app is Quell.

You're a single raindrop whose task is to collect pearls stationed around a complex puzzle. You can use the elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) to your advantage, but be careful - some elements will dry you up!

Quell contains over 80 visually-stunning levels, plus 4 secret levels. It's the most fun you can have with water without getting wet!