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A hidden objects search game with jaw-dropping graphics, enchanting music, and mesmerizing worlds including The Secret Garden Mansion, The Enchanted Kingdom, Southern Ireland Gardens and more, inspired by locations around the world.
5/30/14 Today’s app is EVERLOVE: ROSE.

An interactive romantic adventure that merges the escapism of curling up with a steamy paperback with the engagement of personal choice.
6/6/14 Today’s app is SNEEZIES MATCH.

A fun puzzle game! The Sneezies have got themselves caught up on a wire, and they need your help to rescue them. Slide the rows of Sneezies left or right with your finger to find pairs of the same color. Tap the pairs to make them sneeze, and send them parachuting down to safety. You get more points for matching more than 2 Sneezies in a turn. Each Sneezie you free will charge one of your powerups, giving you special powers to use to increase your score.
This is always free on Google Play. Do you need the Nook app to check out these Friday games?
This is always free on Google Play.

A stock Nook doesn't have Google Play, and has to be modded to add it.:(

Do you need the Nook app to check out these Friday games?

I don't think you need the Nook app, but you need an account. Just like you need an Amazon account to D/L the FAOTD. The app is free in case you do need it, and it's nice for book reading.
If you do not have the Nook app, how do you download the game?

I have more than enough ereader apps as it is. My least favorite one is KOBO, which is too bad since they took over Sony.
6/13/14 Today’s app is CHAMPIONSHIP POWERBOATS 2013.

An adventurous game that’ll make you feel like a rock star on the high seas! Experience a new adventure and test your skills as a powerboat pilot. Discover three exciting locations: Industrial Harbour in the heart of the city, an exotic paradise island in Oceania, and the challenging rocky cliffs of Greece. Try all 6 powerboats, unlock boosters and upgrades, win championships, defeat your friends in local multiplayer and beat single races’ best times. Prove there can be only one powerboat Champion!
I think you're right, the books and videos seem to work though.

An engaging and entertaining family fun app that will inspire creativity in children.

One of the most beloved and treasured songs of all time, Puff, the Magic Dragon, and his home in the land called Honalee, have been transformed into the playful and creative Puffs Playground app. Discover ways to inspire creativity, enhance problem solving skills, and improve memory.
6/27/14 Today’s app is QUIBBLES.

An addictive fast-paced puzzle game designed for family fun.

The professor has lost his Quibbles! His fun loving little monsters have escaped and it’s up to you to help the professor rescue them before they are lost forever. While Professor Rocker-Schmocker sets up his Quibble traps, you need to keep the monsters busy. Build mazes and use candies and tools to keep the Quibbles running around as long as possible. Simple enough for kids, challenging enough for adults — how many Quibbles can you capture?!
7/4/14 Today’s app is GEOGRAPHY DRIVE USA.

This application is recommended for ages 7+.

In Geography Drive USA, knowledge fuels your car on a coast-to-coast quest to learn about the fifty U.S. states. Answer questions to unlock the airports and fuel stations essential to stay in the game. Or take a chance on a bonus delivery and earn the cash to upgrade your ride. Whatever you do, keep one eye on your fuel, because the bottom of the tank means the end of the road in the latest, fun-filled educational app from the makers of Operation Math.