B&N Free Friday Apps

2/21/14 Today’s app is KIDS’ CARTOON TRIVIA.

A fun trivia game that tests your knowledge of kids’ cartoons.

Answer questions like: What type of animal is Rango? According to Dr. Seuss’ books, what is Horton? What is the name of the starfish in the movie Finding Nemo? If you’re a movie buff and cartoon fanatic, you will love this app!
2/28/14 Today’s app is FURDIBURB – THE ALIEN VIRTUAL PET.

“Help! On a vacation to Earth, my parents forgot me. Can you help me get home?”

Furdiburb is a lovable alien virtual pet you can grow to love. Keep this creature happy by feeding him and cleaning away his… well, you’ll see.
3/7/14 Today’s app is SOLAR SYSTEM!.

This app provides aspiring young astronomers with a fun, fact-filled tour of the Solar System — it’s a level 1 reader written in a way that young children can understand.
3/21/14 Today’s app is MISSILE DEFENDER.

A classic intergalactic battle game.

With the style of a classic ’80s arcade game, this fun app features HD artwork, multi-touch controls, upgradable missiles, and endless levels of gameplay — without the oppressive fear of a real-world nuclear brinkmanship. If you enjoyed those old quarter-guzzlers back in the day, Missile Defender is sure to bring back great memories.
3/28/14 Today’s app is FLAPPY FEATHERS: WINGS & MISSILES.

A fun, addictive, endless runner game with stellar retro art.

Take off and soar through the sky, grab coins, and avoid obstacles — take down anything that gets in your way with missile pickups, and rack up the highest score possible. This NOOK app is fun for the entire family — just try to put it down!
4/4/14 Today’s app is ENGLISH SPEED READING.

A handy app that’s perfect for book lovers!

Learn how to speed read — and actually remember what you read! With ENGLISH SPEED READING, you’ll learn to use your peripheral vision to quickly grasp large text portions and increase your speed of perception by means of what’s called “tachistoscopic recognition.”
4/11/14 Today’s app is WORD LINES.

A match game that will put your vocabulary skills to the test!

Get out your buddy Webster, because this is going to get intense! WORD LINES offers you the chance to test your skills by forming words of differing lengths (the longer the better) to clear the board. The letters are scattered throughout the board, and it’s up to you to see how best to put them together!
4/18/14 Today’s app is BUNNY DRESS UP.

Perfect for the Easter holiday! Design your own festive, fluffy-tailed Bunny with this playful app — and get him ready for an Easter parade, school, or work. Dress him up with goofy eyes, jewelry, wigs and more — you can also feed your Cottontail some of its favorite snacks like candy, donuts and carrots! Too cute.
4/25/14 Today’s app is BUTTERFLY MATH.

A fun math game for kids that’s an exciting way to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts, and to improve math fluency skills.
5/2/14 Today’s app is DOODLE FARM!.

Put on your cowboy boots and hat, and create your own animal farm with this fun app. Design hundreds of unique animals by mixing and matching clever puzzles. How else can you make a penguin fly?
5/9/14 Today’s app is JUST 2 WORDS.

A puzzle game where every answer is just 2 words and every puzzle is just plain fun!
5/16/14 Today’s app is FUN ENGLISH COURSE.

A structured English language course combined with engaging and entertaining games for early learners. The language learning activities in this app will keep your child entertained and occupied while introducing them to English words, sentences, speaking and spelling.