CM9 port for 7022


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May 24, 2012
I've been looking everywhere to see if there were any compatible cm9 builds for my tablet. Unfortunately I was unable to find a tablet that has the same specs as the 7022 so I decided to see if I could probably port a rom. Took me hours to make all the hardware stuff to work but...

CM9 for 7022

Based on:
[WIP]CM-9 NAMKO/Kernel -
and german ICS update

What works:
Everything should
No Serial Number request
Speaker should function when needed

What does not work:
.... you tell me
Theme chooser is not yet implemented I'm working on it

Market pop-up disappear while accepting download
Input text pop-ups disappear sometimes while typing in landscape

What you need to do:

Download the 3 files from my link:
4shared folder - Kyros 7022

No need to clear data/factory reset
No need to clear cache nor dalvik-cache

(this is cleared automatically with my script)

1. boot into CWM recovery
2. install zip from sdcard yes
5.install zip from sdcard yes
8.install zip from sdcard yes

FYI first boot might take about 10-15 minutes

developers of roms used
and ME for porting and fixing issues

care to help...
Amazon email: [email protected]
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Is it free? Meaning that am I allowed to modify build.prop for my country, language, resolution and clone device and redistribute modified version with the link to original?
OK, first testing imagination.
I tested on resolution (density) of 160, on clone tablet (MoveO! TPC-7TC)
1. Not so stable. Unexpected app crushes can be caught.
2. Not fast, may be no acceleration.
3. No flashplayer. Google play offers inworkable (such as for another ICS) while older is inworkable too.
4. Most browsers show empty area instead of web page (so don't work). Standard browser and Dolphin HD have such a problem too. Such browsers as Opera Mini, Ninesky and Puffin (including its own flash) work good.
5. As it was said, dialogue windows disappear after showing. Touching at what was before disappearing can help them to show again and work.
6. Wifi speed slows down after awaking. As in any other images of android 2.3 or android 4.
Thanks for the feedback.

This not my code I only fixed the drivers and hardware issues of the rom, most of the issues come from the base rom. Remember that its a work in progress cm9 for 1024, all I did was port it to our tablets.

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Of course, this is not your fault in no case. This only means that it is a large job to making cm9. And, may be, a note for others what to expect from this, what to try or not. It will be a good idea to make an app base from such tests.
I gave it a try, but it wouldn't boot at all for me. Got stuck on the "Coby" screen. I tried resetting, clearing cache & Dalvik cache, but still nothing.
I had such a problem. Clearing caches with multiple reboot helped. Besides, don't change resolution in build.prop after system installed.
If you successfully booted the ics update then this should work. I tested it on my 7022 since I ported it, and I tested the whole system. The only problem is the bugs that are present; I can't fix that because these issues are within the ported rom.

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i guess is ClockworkMod Recovery 5 issue , because i had the same proble with other roms , in fact the only way that successfully bot its when i use the restore option from a backup, there is a better option than this version?