Lend Koush your Tablet so he can work on it!

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Dec 2, 2010
So I just found this out right now (My Brain Hurts: Porting Clockwork Recovery to New Devices). Apparently Koush will try to get Clockwork recovery on your device if you lend it to him for week or so. Of course there's no guarantees but it's worth a try. He's also a very trustworthy guy that has a lot of respect in the Android community. I would send it to him but my parents would notice if the Tablet is gone for a week -.- . I think it would be best if some body from Washington sends it to him since that would take the least amount of time to be delivered to him and back.

Here's what he says in the link:
It is difficult for me to port recovery for a device I don’t have. So, people can attempt to port it using this guide. However, if you want it done properly, and probably quicker, you can loan the device to me personally at:
Koushik Dutta
2721 1st Ave 507
Seattle, WA 98121
The package must include:

  • The rooted phone.
  • A return packing slip to your address.
  • A signed statement saying: “I, <your name here>, am lending this device, <name of device>, to Koushik Dutta so that he can try to port Clockwork Recovery to the device. I understand that rooting a phone voids the warranty and tampering with the software may render the device nonfunctional. I realize and accept that the phone may not be functional when it is returned. Koushik Dutta is not liable for any damages to the device.”
It will take around a week, and there are no gaurantees whether I will actually be able to do it (due to proprietary software, locked bootloaders, my schedule, etc). After a week (generally quicker), I will send it back. I’m a trustworthy guy and am well known in the Android community. And I’ve already done this for several loaner devices.
So you don’t need to worry about the safety of your precious hardware.


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Jul 9, 2010
Well razor950 has been working on it too. Maybe they should talk to each other first?


Dec 8, 2010
If Koush can have a working recovery in 30 days... I will buy one, send it to Koush, have Koush send it back to me, and then return it to BB ;)
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