Premium HONEYCOMB V7.2.5 BUILD WMT (2.1_88, 2.0_105, 2.1.1_105,2.1.2_105, 2.1.6_PDN)


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Aug 4, 2010

Latest boot-screen use is sharp, vivid colors producing high resolution for the current tablet build. (Note text is not shown on your boot-screen it's only shown here)


Finally in this version and build I was able to change the appearance of the main task bar replacing poorly looking Home, Camera, Volume, Menu and Back Arrow with my own creations you see above. Including Google Imprint to make it looks official. Basing every detail on the HoneyComb OS and Motorola Xoom is what inspire me to create such a revisionary build.

Optional HoneyComb Clock (shown)

Add to Home Screen (shown)

Select wallpaper from (shown)

Wallpaper (22 different ones included all new true HoneyComb included) Shown

Dock Box (new layout, new trash can, better performance) Shown

Dock Box (mid-way) Shown

Complete list of app, root, tweak, entertainment, games and more included in this package.

HoneyComb V7.2.0 Rooted, ROM MOD with Market Gold

Prior Build Numbers: WMT2.0_105 OR WMT2.1.1_105
256MB of RAM
2GB NAND Internal Storage
16GB External Storage
Vibrates when you turn on power
Green Power On
Red Charger
24-pin or 30-pin Slot
7" Screen Size
800x480 Visual Screen Size
Gome Flytouch1 (Epad), Maylong M150A10, M150A11, M150A12

Available right now

Note: Gome Flytouch 1 (ePad) and Maylong M150A10, M150A11 and M150A12 are supported only.
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Now also available for EPad WMT2.1.2_105, EPad and PanImage WMT2.1.6_PDN. Use first post link
Nice work! Could it be possible to have it working also for the Xoby mid7015 ?

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are you planning to get honeycomb for the 2.1_88 build as well? I hope so... and I hope 3G dongles work. Thanks!
are you planning to get honeycomb for the 2.1_88 build as well? I hope so... and I hope 3G dongles work. Thanks!

Done! Released as WMT2.0.1_88 same as WMT2.1_88
New Fonts like in all HoneyComb V7.2.0 releases have SoC Booster, Fonts for Arabic, Thai, Hebrew an etc are included.. Much more I could be here all day telling you. Use the first post link.
One thing i can say is... AWESOME!
That was blazing fast! ^_^

I will test it asap when i get home later. Will post the feeback here and in your page. Im crossing my fingers that it works! ^_^
working fine for me. ^(^_^)^
touch screen did not work at first. you have to connect a mouse and go to the touch screen calibration option in settings. after that the touch screen works fine now.

I havent tested most of it yet. i went straight to 3g settings after the screen because i really need 3g support.

3g dongles dont work here for me. it is stuck in the "connecting..." prompt.

this rom [ROM] New* 256MB MOD Flytouch 2.0_88 en rooted market
worked for my 3g dongle. is there any way i can integrate the working 3g drivers (or what may be involved) to the honeycomb script?

I greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!!
That ROM is not the same as these. listed on the subject line. One more to make which will be WMT2.0.0.70 (covers V1 and up) Just release WMT2.1.1_105 (WMT2.1_105)
That ROM is not the same as these. listed on the subject line. One more to make which will be WMT2.0.0.70 (covers V1 and up) Just release WMT2.1.1_105 (WMT2.1_105)

My original build is 2.1_88 and the 3g dongle works on that. So technically, by using the new rom here built for the 2.1_88 series, i am going back to the original build of my unit. What happens is that i cant connect using 3g. but the original 2.1_88 can. If you want i can give you the original firmware scripts that works on my unit. I hope we can find a workaround for this because everything else works, just the 3g which is in my case, important.

Thank you and I hope you can help. Sorry for the trouble.
Files has to be in Rar, Zip or 7zip formate no Exe or several parts to build one file. I will make any custom ROM for ePad (Gome base) or EKEN MID base 7" though could to 8" if the ROM was available by you or from your vendor) If so you could have HoneyComb V7.2.0. New feature increase throughout found only on the WMT2.1.1_105 as a test. Should work on builds higher than that.
Hi, i have the 7" flytuch1 epad, its got 1.6 firmware build number WMT2.1.2_105 becuse my build number is diff the huneycomb o.s. will not load on this unit ? i see all kinds of
cool stuff ppl are doing but im afrade to brick my pad. also with this diff OS can it run flash or adobe reader appz ?
Camera is Fixed and Boost Max Performance by 10% and few other things added and changed. See first post for V7.2.5 HoneyComb all full versions.
WMT2.0.0_70 released order versions
WMT2.1.2_88 was released.
WMT2.1.2_105 was released based on the prior M series.
WMT2.1.2_105 was released based on the P Series.

All for V7.2.5 Camera is working again..
Nice mod! Too bad I can't load it on this generic tablet here :( I see it should have worked on one I've gotten rid of a few weeks ago, ah well, I'll be waiting for a new Honeycomb MOD from you that fit's this device!
Tipstir, Can't find the link to the file "HoneyComb V7.2.0 Rooted, ROM MOD with Market Gold" here. The only rom I"ve been able to get to work on my Epad is one I found else where. "MID7_2188.rar". Now my tablet is stuck on :prepare software package". goes nowhere from there, no matter which rom I use. Do you have a flash to clear this and start from scratch?