Premium HONEYCOMB V7.2.5 BUILD WMT (2.1_88, 2.0_105, 2.1.1_105,2.1.2_105, 2.1.6_PDN)

just wondering if anyone can help me here. i installed this rom to my device thinking it would work. it installed fine and started up fine, but i cant use the touchscreen now, only thing i can do is turn the pad on or off.... i tried to flash another rom to it, but my device doesnt even go to the flash screen no more it just stands at the blue bug logo unless i eject the memory card and restart... all help would be great thanks
My husband bought me a new tablet for Xmas. I successfully installed Honeycomb on it & everything seems to be working fine except that there are no apps in the market. Any suggestions? Access to more apps & the official android market were the reasons that I started trying root this thing to begin with. I have successfully rooted both mine & my husbands android phones & love the results. Thanks in advance!
Yes, the download links that tipstir included in his first post a year ago no longer work. All they do now is drive ad traffic to the Android Tablet Zone.

Is there any updated roms or download links available or is this a dead topic and tablet type here