[ROM] Black Edition Builds: 1.x.x, 2.0.1_88, 2.0_105, 2.1_105, 2.1.2, 2.1.6


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Aug 4, 2010

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Android OS 1.6 Builds: Builds: 1.x.x, 2.0.1_88, 2.0_105, 2.1_105, 2.1.2, 2.1.6 available now!

Differences Option
Default gives you the best performance giving up digital camera/video camera, eth, 3G, ADSL and Bluetooth among other things.
G-Sensor, Hardware Booster are Active

OEM is just like the Default but it uses the OEM default settings, but you might seen pretty much the same performance or slightly less.
Battery would be more stable if you have issues with the Default with this ROM.

Half gives you the better performance, gives you the digital camera/video camera, eth, 3G, ADSL, and Bluetooth.
G-Sensor, Hardware Booster are Active

Full gives you very good performance with the works turned on but still among other things are off to give you very good performance over stock
G-Sensor, Hardware Booster are Active

Tablet Requirements
Prior Build Numbers: WMT2.1.2, WMT2.1.6_PDN
256MB of RAM
2GB NAND Internal Storage
16GB External Storage
Vibrates when you turn on power
Green Power On
Red Charger
Ports are Black
24-pin or 30-pin Slot
7" Screen Size
800x480 Visual Screen Size
Gome Flytouch1 (Epad), PanImage

1 of 3 Available

What's New!
Long time Battery Issue should come to a close (battery settings are base on the OEM on Default and OEM.
Default Wallpaper issue is not what you see as the Black Cat with Amber Blue Eyes for Black Edition
Changed Ethernet Icon to Router Icon Looks Cool!
Added Drop Box Application
Fixed Logo Boot Screen (needs to be tested as it might load the PanImage Logo again)
Increased memory performance by 6%
Increased Overhaul Performance by 30%
G-Sensor, Hardware Boosters Active
All New Black & Color Icons
Cleaned out all the junk files are gone to increase NAND storage space
Updated Adware, Malware, Animalware, Spyware, Pest Control for Google Browser
My Music, My Photos and My Videos have been replaced by Meridian Player Pro
Youtube Replaced by JetVD
See Dock Box Screenshots for what apps are included
Google Maps and Google Street View has been added
New Apple Style Home Screen Launcher with functional usable shelf
New Black Edition Wallpaper Displayed by default
Other Improvements not mention!
See images below to see what's included for Widgets

Installation Instructions:
1. Download WM216BE6
2. Unzip to PC then copy to microSDHC
3. Insert, connect power and turn on your tablet
4. Wait for the message to remove the card
5. Once tablet is turned off, insert your card without the script folder
6. Note there will be loading delay this is normal on the first boot-up
7. Go into the dock box and press Cachemate Pro and clear any left over files from the MOD update
8. Selection Settings Set your date/time and location
9. Go into the dock box and press ES Task Manager, and kill all
0. Go into the dock box and press Caffeine Benchmark, post your score here.

Logo Image Pending Might Show PanImage Default Logo

First Screen



Home Screen Default

Wireless Off

Wireless On

Dock Box

Capture Screen Shots (Taken from V5 WM216BE)




<b>WARNING: Use any of the these MOD Builds at your own risk and I take no responsibility if you brick your tablet..</strong></b>
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Ah so this is the acadev black edition! Very nice! Top RAM and graphic update, wonder if this rom works on my fake wmt2.1.2, will try it. Better WiFi and improved battery ? Nice job! Normally more performance means lower battery life. Hope this rom works on my device, will let you know by email! Cheers!
Works on everything so far. I've made 6 ROMs on this..

ACADEV Signature Series, , features upscale graphics for dialogs, task tool bar and much much more. Everything graphic wise that can be changed is changed. On top of this the best RAM recovered after the upgrade you'll get 152MB out of 256MB. If you need more features two more are available as HALF and FULL. For now enjoy the new speed and extra RAM. Also improved Battery Life and Very Strong Wi-Fi Signal and new graphics for both too. Other changes not mention are the most current tweaks and such to date!





Notice About this ROM Build:

My own Custom Build and Special Build Number. ACADEV BLACK EDITION PRIVATE STOCK, SIGNATURE COLLECTION For Versions 1 thru WM2.0 tablet came with this build range on it, Replacement build for your device. Note: Maylong M150100 thru Maylong M150101 can use this Build and Flake Epad's that don't vibrate. This thread contains all 3 versions (Default, Half, and Full)
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Does this mean it no longer differentiates between 1.988, 2.188 and various types?
If not, any plans for my orphan 1.988 clone still on your Extreme Performance - downloaded GTR but may wait for this if it is coming..... :)

Works on everything so far. I've made 6 ROMs on this..
Does this mean it no longer differentiates between 1.988, 2.188 and various types?
If not, any plans for my orphan 1.988 clone still on your Extreme Performance - downloaded GTR but may wait for this if it is coming..... :)

I support the WM and WMT with 256MB tablets. Builds now for WM are WM2.20, WM2.50/2.00 and the latest ACADEV BLACK EDITION is WM2.60 all support what your looking for and replaced the Xtreme, Xtreme Plus, Deluxe and Extra. These are all still available if you rather those. The latest Build is WM2.60 this is my own custom build no more 7e7018 which was replaced by my custom build WM2.20.

ROM Builds | WM8505 | WM8505+ Start here Links I post now are the main image as you see in this thread on post #1, just either touch with your finger from your tablet or click on it with your PC. But you can use this link instead. Full access, if you need support either here or join on my site for faster help. Have fun..

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hello tipstir all though iv been flashing your rom for a while now im still new to this site so first i want to say thanks and i want to ask if this new rom works on the generic epad
Depends.. There are 9 versions of this Black Edition now.
You need to have Android OS 1.6, 256MB of RAM 30 or 24-pin slot, Green Power / Red low or battery charging. ROM WMT2.1.1_105 or WMT2.1_105. There is also WMT2.1.6 now available. Others will follow..
WM2.60 version (older builds 1 through WMT2.0.1_88)
WMT2.1.1 version
WMT2.1.6 version
WMT2.0_105 comes out in Feb 2011.
Thks, but what is the difference between WMT and WM firmware? Now i have upgrade your last version WMT 2.1.1 on my tablet PC with WMT2.1-105
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