[ROM] Black Edition Builds: 1.x.x, 2.0.1_88, 2.0_105, 2.1_105, 2.1.2, 2.1.6

hi, new here , is it me or is their no way to download this firmware,i clicked on the first picture as said earlier, but all it does is get bigger,,, very strange
First sorry for my English. The name of my tablet is the WMT easytab googleone 2.0_88 android 2.2. After returning to the factory settings has become a brick tablet :) I have tried many roms. more accurate data tablet is:
V2 motherboard WM8088B
CPU + wm8505 1038CD Taiwan 2JA2018231
motherboard CPU WMS8060B4
Samsung 2Gb NAND flesh k9GAG8UOM 0170
256 MB of RAM in the two bones
The green LED on the tablet turned red while charging. there is no vibration. looks like the photograph of the first page only is all black. Micro SD card slot, two external USB and LAN ports support external 3g, adsl. camera.
rom installation is not always find udisk or "perhaps this NAND ... not supported"
I read many posts before I started to write. from this post I tried probably all roms. The one who they installed the rom that was created on the basis tipstar rom from this link http://devio.us/~nextvolume/via_arm/viewtopic.php?id=4&t_id=167&page=1
However, this is rom for notebook and there is no support screentouch so is useless for me. Is there anyone who can help me??
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so nobody has the answer to how to download this rom. very odd with all the knowledge. so much for shearing is caring
please like to know if this ROM works on the tablet panimage R79RT2WS model.
I appreciate your attention a hug.