ICS on 7022

Ok so i am with stock ICS installed from COBYGerman!

So i should start flashing the recovery, but what recovery?
(Some of your links are off.Like the ones on your second post).
For Flashing the Recovery by Fastboot do i have to use android sdk for that?

The JCase is this?: 2012-05- - Minus

Thanks for your help.
when i Type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img it dont work.

Can i make it by the sdk program, or do i have to do it by prompt?
You have to use cmd prompt. make sure your cmd is in the adk directory and the recovery.img is also in the sdk directory. The tablet has to be booted in fastboot mode(power on while holding down menu button.) Then type the command. Hope this helps.
Yes i did it all using cd/... to browse to de directory.
When the directory was browsed i put the command: "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" and it didnt recognized as nothing valid.

I know how to boot in fastboot.

There is something wrong.
Thanks for your help.
type adb devices or fastboot
you should see list of attached devices
also make sure you have adb.exe, adbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsbApi.dll, fastboot.exe in the location where you have the file
Now im having poor compatibility in games.
What can i do to solve this?

Apeared a file in my internal sd called coby_mid7022-ota-0001.zip

I think that its the stock ICS, so im uploading and will post here.
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sometimes its the lcd density your set at. Also since you have ICS some games might not be compatible as well.
That's great if it is the update. I just looked back through my files again and I don't think I have it. Maybe there was an error and it didn't get deleted after your update.

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Man it got to be the ICS, because i checked and it apeared right after i installed the ICS, and there was no other zip files in the root of the internal SD, and i used a clockwork backup to reinstall the original Rom, an this is a zip file, to be True im sure it is ICS.
The only thing i tried to install before ICS was your backup, i didnt puted any other files in the external SD, and i didnt put any files in the internal SD, because there was no reason at all, and this file apeared in the internal SD not in the external SD, this zip file apeared like magic there in the root of internal SD.
And i never installed any Rom by internal SD, just external SD.
Filipicamo great find! I have updated the first post with a working flashable zip. I updated what you provided with super user and gapps. Everything is now one simple flash.

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excellent gentlemen
I will also send this info over to KTZ. credits will be given to you as well over there. there are many 7022 users there as wel